Pout Pout Fish

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SWBAT engage in a discussion sequencing the story events to write a story retell to orally read to the class.

Big Idea

We will talk about the story events to write sentences in order for an oral retell.

Warm Up

10 minutes

I stumbled on this book by accident one day and thought it would be perfect for our Ocean Theme and for working on sequencing story events.  The story is funny and keeps my students interest.  The drawings are interesting and make my students laugh.  I think they will have a great time discussing the details and then sequencing the events.  I begin with my students on the carpet for whole group reading block.  

"We are sitting criss cross with eyes on me, please.  We have been reading and learning about the ocean.  I found the cutest story ever to read to you today.  It is about a fish that is so silly.  You will just love him.  In the other stories we have read this week we have seen many creatures that live in the ocean.  This new story has a LOT of silly creatures for us to see.  I can hardly wait for you to hear this story."

Reading the Story

10 minutes

Another reason I like this story is that is has a "chorus" or a part that my students can chorally chant with me.  Having this "chorus" keeps my students on their toes watching for the next time we get to chant together.  The repetition is good for my ELL students, the more they hear and say the words, the faster they gain command of them.  We get pretty silly with this chant by the end of the story.

"The story is called The Pout Pout Fish book .  Who knows what a pout is?  Look at his face.  What is his mouth doing?  His mouth is in a frown.  When you frown because you don't get what you want, you are being a pout, pout face.  Everyone show me a pout, pout face.  Good job. Let's read the story and see what happens, you will be so surprised!  There is a part of the story that I need you to help me with.  I will say the whole thing first and then you can say it with me.  

I'm a pout, pout fish

With a pout, pout face

So I spread the Dreary Wearies

all over the place

Singing, Blub, bluuub, bluuuuuuuuub!"

We practice the chorus a few times and then I read the story. I stop to point out picture details and explain what is happening.   The story is written in a rhyming, sing, song way.  It is fun to read.  

When I get to the part with the jelly fish I have them wave their arms like the tentacles gentle loco motion.

After the Pout, Pout fish gets kissed he is AGHAST.  That means he is shocked and speechless.

Now he is stone faced, everybody freeze and be a stone faced statue.

"Let's learn the ending part,

I'm a kiss, kiss fish

With a kiss, kiss face,

Spreading cheery, cheeries

All over the place.

Singing, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooooooooooch!"

"What a fun story.  Was he really a Pout, Pout Fish?  No, what was he?  Yes, a kiss, kiss fish.  I love it."

Writing Activity

10 minutes

"Now we are going to sequence the story events.  I will draw 4 boxes on the board and we will title them First, Next, Then and Last.  I will use my name sticks to call on friends to help me fill out the template.  I want to know what happened first in the story.  .  .  ."

As a class we decide what came first, next, then and last.  I draw the pictures according to their suggestions.  We then write the sentences to accompany the pictures.  I use the students wording on the sentences or prompt them to reword it.  We chorally read the sentences together.

"Now it is your turn to draw the pictures and write the sentences.  If you want to use the class sentences you can.  I will leave them up on the board.  If you want to write your own sentences you can.  I will walk around and help you."

I dismiss my students from the carpet by the color of their row.  I remind them that we walk in the classroom.  I then ask my class paper passers to pass out the templates to every seat.  I walk around and support my students with phonetic spelling and sentence choice.  

When everyone is finished we gather on the carpet or our oral presentations.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

When all my students are seated I call them up a row at a time to give their pout pout fish  I found that my students prefer to stand up at the front of the class surrounded by their peers when they have to read out loud.  I am willing to do what ever works.  Group standing works so that is what we do.  Each student is given the opportunity to read their writing pout  out loud to the class.  We cheer and applaud after each reading.

For Fun

10 minutes

 I fell in love with this video.  The story has been turned into a song and my kids are glued to it and ask for it all the time.  I only show it when they finish their work.  It is fun to hear my ELL students singing in English.  On the day of my lesson, I didn't show it until at the end of the day.  What a wonderful way to increase vocabulary and comprehension.