Greek Mythology - Puppet Shows

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SWBAT work as a small group to create a script for a puppet show of one of the myths we read about in class.

Big Idea

In this lesson, the students will be creating their own scripts and puppets to reenact one of the Greek myths we read about in class.



15 minutes

In this unit, we have been studying Greek mythology.  We have read "Greek Myths" as retold by Heather Amery.  For this lesson, the students will be working in small groups to create a puppet show version of one of the myths from the book.  

I had some extra time today and was able to complete this lesson in one day.  This is a lengthy lesson and could easily be split up into two days if time does not permit you to complete the entire lesson in one day.  

To begin our lesson, I will explain to the students that they will get work in small groups to create their own puppet show version of a myth we have read about.  The first step will be to create a script for the puppet show.  After the scripts have been created, they can design their puppets.  When all the groups have finished, we will have our puppet show.

Amery, H. (2000). Greek Myths. London, England : Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Writing the Scripts

45 minutes

I have the students working in groups frequently to practice our speaking and listening skills.  I have arranged our desks into tables to more easily accommodate small group work.  Most of the time I have the kids work in small groups with the students at their table.  Today I am allowing the students to choose their own small groups.  Once everyone has a group, I will pass out a copy of the group leaders chart and ask them to decide who will take on each of those responsibilities.  Once each person in the group knows his or her responsibility, I will encourage the groups to choose the myth they would like to write the script for and to get started on writing the script.


Creating Puppets

20 minutes

The first task for each of the groups is to compose a script for the puppet show.  Once the group has completed the script, they can start creating their puppets.  For our puppets this time around I have provided the students with a white, paper lunch-sized sack.  I also have provided assorted construction paper and markers.  

I am not giving them any instructions on how to create the puppets.  I find that the students are much more creative and use their imaginations while creating when there are not as many instructions to follow. 

Performing the Puppet Shows

20 minutes

Our final activity for the day will be our puppet show performances.  Once all the groups have finish preparing their script and puppets, we will have each group perform their puppet show for the rest of the class.  

If a group finishes earlier than the rest of the class, I will encourage them to practice the puppet show.

For our puppet show stage, I just put a tablecloth over a table.