Greek Mythology - Finding Examples of Mythological Terminology within Text

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SWBAT identify and define mythological terms found within a modern text.

Big Idea

In this unit we have read and learned about Greek myths. In this lesson we will be reading short articles that contain terminology that references Greek mythology.



15 minutes

We are studying Greek mythology in this unit.  We completed reading "Greek Myths" as retold by Heather Amery.  In this lesson, we will be focusing on the following CCSS:

RL4.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean).

I searched for a great text or even several different texts which used words or phrases that referenced Greek mythology.  My search only turned up a few news articles with topics of no interest to 4th graders.  I decided to create my own text which used words and phrases which referenced Greek mythology.  This text is available in the resource section.

To begin our lesson, I will review with the students some of the companies that use references to Greek mythology to advertise their products.  (We learned about this in our previous lesson.) I will then explain to the students that words and phrases are often used in both spoken and written language that reference Greek mythology as well.  I will let the students know that today they are going to be detectives, searching through a story for words or phrases that reference Greek mythology.  

Amery, H. (2000). Greek Myths. London, England : Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Mythological Term Hunt

30 minutes

The students get to be detectives and search through our text, "Dream of a Guinness Record" looking for words and phrases that reference Greek mythology.  I will instruct the students to highlight with their highlighters any words or phrases they find in their search.  I will then challenge them to write the meanings of the words or phrases in the margins of the text.  


Wrap Up

15 minutes

Once the students have had a chance to search for words and phrases within the story that reference Greek mythology, I will lead the students in a class discussion on which words and phrases they were able to find.  We will then talk about the meanings of those phrases and which Greek gods, goddesses, or myths the words or phrases are referring to.