Greek Mythology - Advertising Agents

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SWBAT read and understand "Greek Myths" as retold by Heather Amery. They will also be able to design a product advertisement using terminology derived from Greek mythology.

Big Idea

We are reading "Greek Myths" retold by Heather Amery. In this lesson we will also designing a "billboard" to advertise a product using terminology from Greek Mythology.



15 minutes

This is day four in our Greek mythology unit.  In our previous lesson we read to page 92 in the book "Greek Myths" by Heather Amery.  In this lesson, we will continue our adventure through the Greek myths book and we will also become advertisers and design a billboard for a product referencing Greek mythology in the advertisement.

To begin a lesson today, will review the myths that we read in our previous lesson as a class.  I will ask the students to pull out their Greek myths and Greek myth character analysis sheets. For this lesson, I will have the students read on their own as they complete the entire book, starting from where we left off on page 92.

Amery, H. (2000). Greek Myths. London, England : Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Reading "Greek Myths"

30 minutes

I will remind the students that it is important for them to continue to fill in the Greek myths sheet as well as the Greek myths character analysis sheet as they read. Those sheets will be very helpful in the activity planned for later in this lesson and  in the lessons to come.  I will then allow the students ample time to read from page 92 to the end of the book.

Billboard Advertisement Activity

20 minutes

In our previous lesson, the students became toy designers and developed a design for a Greek mythology action figure.  In this lesson, the students will become advertising agents and develop a name or slogan, referencing Greek mythology, and design a billboard to advertise the product.

Companies advertising products reference Greek mythology all the time.  I will show the students the following video clip I put together to illustrate this point:

I will then let the students in on the fact that today they get to be advertising agents.  They will develop a billboard for a product while referencing Greek mythology. I will pair the students up.  Each person in the partnership will think of a common product or service.  For example, shoes, gum, radio station, law firm, fast food restaurant, clothing, etc.  They will then ask their partner to advertise their product.  So person 1 will design a billboard for person 2 and person 2 will design a billboard for person 1.  The one rule for the billboard is that it must reference Greek mythology in some way.  The design of the billboard is up to the students.