Greek Mythology - Toy Designers

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SWBAT read and understand Greek Mythology as well as design an action figure based on a character from the Greek Myths. Students will also be able to write an in depth description of that character.

Big Idea

We are reading "Greek Myths" retold by Heather Amery. In this lesson, we are also going to be toy designers and design an action figure based on a character from the Greek myths.



15 minutes

This is day three in our Greek mythology unit.  In our previous lesson we read to page 61 in the book "Greek Myths" by Heather Amery.  Today we will continue our adventure through the Greek myths book and we will also become toy designers and design an action figure around one of the characters from the Greek myths. 

To begin a lesson today, will review the myths that we read in our previous lesson as a class.  I will ask the students to pull out their Greek myths and Greek myth character analysis sheets. For this lesson, I will allow the students to partner read as they read pages 62 through 92.

Amery, H. (2000). Greek Myths. London, England : Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Reading "Greek Myths"

30 minutes

I will remind the students that it is important for them to continue to fill in the Greek myths sheet as well as the Greek myths character analysis sheet as they read. Those sheets will be very helpful in the activity planned for later in this lesson and  in the lessons to come.  I will then allow the students ample time to read from pages 62 through page 92.

Toy Designers

20 minutes

For our wrap up activity today, the students complete an in depth character analysis disguised as a toy! I will start out by letting the students know that for today, they are all toy designers. They are designing a new action figure for toy company wanting to start an action figure series on Greek Mythology Heroes!  Their job is to choose a character from the myths we have read (The character analysis sheet will be a good resource.) and design an action figure based on that character.  I will project the instruction sheet on the board for all students to see.  This instruction sheet is included in the resources.

If there is time, I will have the students share their toy designs with the class.