Combining Fact and Thought to Write the Research Essay

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SWBAT incorporate cited text from research sources and their own thoughts to write a research essay with smooth flow.

Big Idea

She said, he said, I said--incorporating research into the essay.

Do Now: Correct the Citation

5 minutes

To start our day and refresh students on in-text citation, I provide a bad example on the board:

An employer will look for, "work ethic and composure under pressure." (

I ask students to correct the citation while I take attendance. Once we're all ready, I call on students to help me correct the example:

"The period goes after the citation." Yes.

"The citation itself isn't right, but I don't know how to fix it." What do you need?

"Title?" Nope.

"Oh, author, right?" Yes, what else?

"Page number?" If there is one, yes.

"Date?" Yes.

I rewrite the citation with another fake example: "....pressure" (Doe, 2014). Now, we're ready to move into what else needs to happen in a research essay body paragraph.

Incorporating Research

10 minutes



130 minutes

As in the previous lesson, what we do from here on out stretches over several days, broken up by setting goals and charting progress. Students work in the computer lab to draft their research essays, and I meander to check their work over shoulders, answer questions, and keep everyone on task.