Creating Powerpoint Presentations as Summative Assessment of Romeo and Juliet (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding and analysis of how complex characters interact with others and advance the plot or theme by creating a power point slide presentation.

Big Idea

Today 's focus -- explicating a quote from Romeo and Juliet in their Power Point presentations.


10 minutes

I begin by asking students to define what it means to be in "debt."  I then ask my students to write the answer to this question in their journals RL.9-10.1:

  • What does Romeo mean when he says, "Oh, dear account! My life is my foe's debt"?

I begin with this activity because on the assessment I want my students to begin thinking of using a quote for each of their chosen characters and analyze its meaning.  After students answer the question I pick a few students to share their answers with the class. I am looking for the following information:

  • Shakespeare is using a metaphor - Romeo compares his meeting and falling in love with Juliet to a record of debts or payments. 
  • Romeo has just learned Juliet's identity. She is a Capulet, his families sworn enemy. 
  • When he says, "Oh dear account! My life is my foe's debt," what he means is that he is forever in debt to his enemy for bringing him his love, Juliet. 

Building Knowledge

10 minutes

I explain that every power point needs to have at least one quote and an explanation of its meaning as I modeled during the activator.  

I then write this quote on the white board: 

"These violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which as they kiss consume"

Using a Think-A-Loud strategy, I next begin writing the quotes meaning underneath the quote on the white board by saying:

I remember that Friar Lawrence, being a wise priest, is the voice of reason and moderation, and advises Romeo and Juliet  not to do anything stupid in the name of love.  He's telling them that if they rush into love without thinking, it will end in disaster.  He's also saying that if the they are truly in love, then they should be patient -  if they become impulsive their quick love "consumes" or takes over itself like fire and (gun)powder which will then explode!

I check for understanding by asking for interpretations of the same quote in their words RL.9-10.4.  I remind them to add at least one quote and explanation to their slide show presentation as well as citing evidence from the play to support their explainations RL.9-10.1.

Asking for one quote with the additional information on each slide will give me enough information to determine if the student has an understanding of Shakespeare's use of words and more specifically figurative language.






Student Learning Activity

35 minutes

Now they are ready to complete the project.  I pass out the lap top computers and students are asked to take out their copy of the Rubric for Romeo and Juliet Power Point to refer to while finishing their slide show which includes describing a character and how they interact with other characters RL.9-10.3 and focuses also on writing standards W.9-10.6 and W.9-10.9.

As students work on their presentations, I circulate among them asking and answering questions about the project.  


Wrap Up

20 minutes


For the Wrap Up, I first ask students to print a copy of their power points to hand in to me for a grade, Students' Power Points.  I then ask for student volunteers to present their power point slide show to the class as required in standard SL.9-10.4. They either email it to me and use my lap top to project it on the screen or I hook their lap top to the projector.  I offer these two options because sometimes emailing doesn't go as smoothly as hoped so I have a back up plan for their presentation.