Math Maps (Part 3)

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SWBAT make mathematical statements about a given location on a route.

Big Idea

Students use mathematical statements to write encouraging statements for a service learning project.

Mathematical Evidence

10 minutes

Students complete a chart to determine the fraction, decimal, and percent of the 100 mile race at each of the 10 mile intervals.  

Fraction and decimal representations are a review for the students.  Percentages are relatively new, though some of my students have asked about finding percentages throughout the year.  Student assessments are scored using standards based progress reporting so percentages are not a common part of their daily lives. 

Students have varying prior knowledge about percentages.  This lesson is designed to expose some students to percents, teach some students how to find percentages using fractions and decimals, and to challenge other students to find percentages using division.  The lesson is contextualized within the context of the math maps project. 

Before beginning the lesson, students will be prompted to think about their knowledge of finding percentage.  They will then personally place themselves in a group based on their familiarity with the concept.  

This lesson targets: Critical Area 2 - Extending division to 2-digit divisors, integrating decimal fractions into the place value system and developing understanding of operations with decimals to hundredths, and developing fluency with whole number and decimal operations.

Group 1:  Students will use decimals (in the hundredths place) to form percentages.

Group 2:  Students will use decimals as well as division to find the percentage of any 10 points along the route.

Group 3:  Students will find percentages for points on bike routes that are 20 miles and 50 miles long

Communicating with Math

30 minutes

To wrap up the math portion of the service learning project, students use their mathematical findings to generate statements.  These statements are used to make encouraging posters to support the bikers as they complete the ride.