Comparing Numbers Assessment

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Students will compare numbers within 15, using symbols for "greater than", "less than", and "equal to".

Big Idea

Students use their mathematical knowledge to complete this assessment.


20 minutes

We have concluded our unit on comparing numbers, and now it is time for me to assess student knowledge. Honestly I am already aware of my students' capabilities, and could use my observations throughout this unit as a guide. However, when marking report cards and providing feedback to parents, I always like to have an example of student work. So, this task serves as my example to parents as to what their child has learned about comparing numbers. I will keep this activity, check it, and put it in the student portfolio for the end of our marking period.

I purposely planned this assessment on a day when I was subbed out for professional development. I felt my children would be secure enough to complete the task without me being in class. I don't like to have guest teachers necessarily teach skills, so the assessment seemed like the logical activity to plan for our math block. The task requires students to circle sets with more and fewer, and complete number sentences with the greater than, less than, or equal to symbols.

Due to my absence, I have no student video to share. I simply requested the substitute read the directions to my students for each section, and collect the assignment. 

After I checked these papers, I am happy to say that the majority of my class did wonderfully! What I noticed was that a few children reflected back on prior lessons, in which we learned about Allie the Alligator eating the larger number. For their symbols, they actually drew an alligator mouth. This made me smile, and I have included a picture of a student who did this.