Revision Strategy: Adding

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SWBAT: practice using "adding" as a strategy in revising.

Big Idea

In this lesson, adapted from SpringBoard, students practice with adding locally and globally.


50 minutes

This revising by adding lesson has the students look at small chunks of text and revise on small scale. I think many times, as teachers, we tell them to simply "revise," but looking at more local and focused revisions can give students confidence in these skills. Additionally, I like that they aren't being released to revise their own writing at this point--they are revising existing writing in the textbook. If your students are anything like my students, they love tearing apart work that isn't theirs or their classmates'.

There are many activities in this lesson, but I found a lot of success with this portion.

The next portion of the Adding as Revision lesson has the students learn about, or review, figurative language and then apply it to sample writing, then their own: