The Last Day: Final Exam and Student Feedback

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SWBAT provide critical written feedback on their overall experiences by answering questions about this class and their peers.

Big Idea

What did you most value? Want to do again? Students provide feedback on their learning this year.

Let's Get Started: Last Day of Class!

5 minutes

Today is the Last Day of Class!  I will leave a note on my door for the students to meet me by the badger in the courtyard for a class picture.  Then we will head back to the classroom for donuts, writing, and a final debrief of the year. 

Applied Knowledge: What do You Like? What Would You Change?

40 minutes

I pass out their final reflection. It should not take them the entire time to write the answers. I tell them they have 30 minutes to write (W 9-10.10). 

At the end of the 30 minutes, I start asking students to share their answers with the class. At the end of the last class, I showed my students some of the lessons for the BetterLesson site. Now, they will be the master teachers. Students share that they learned to always use evidence, use MLA format, and it was unanimous that dialogue journals are the worst and I should never assign them again. They also shared how their understanding of culture and identity has changed and the Celebration of Learning is a favorite activity for many of the students. We also reminst about the relevance of Star Wars to the class and our hopes and dreams for the Star Wars movies to come (SL 9-10. 1).

Wrap Up: Good Bye

5 minutes

I take the last few minutes of class to tell them how much I am going to miss them and congratulate them on an amazing year. I tell them to put their reflections in the basket on the way out the door. Next, we sneak quietly out of the building to take a class photo with Bucky the Badger in the school courtyard.  The bell will ring for their next class when we are already outside.