Final Literature Circle Day!

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SWBAT meet one final time in small groups to have a "culminating experience" and collaborate to determine final thoughts.

Big Idea

Today is the final day we meet in literature circle groups.

Group Meeting: Final Thoughts

45 minutes

This lesson serves as a culmination of the unit. The basic format of literature circles is outlined earlier in the unit: First Day of Literature Circles

Today is the final day of meeting in literature circle groups. Here I will talk you through the Final Set of Discussion Boxes, Set 6, to be completed all together in small group.

As kids meet in groups today, they will complete the entire discussion box together, instead of individually, beforehand.

Here is a video of me talking through the major differences in the final discussion box, and how it differs from earlier discussions:

The final discussion boxes, Explanation Video.

At this point, kids should need very minimal reminders about how to behave in small groups. They know the routine. All kids are held accountable for handing in discussion boxes, and they should be finished by the end of the period.

Since the final corner of the boxes asks about personal opinions, I have them work independently to complete that section and answer the following questions on their own:

  1. Did you enjoy the novel? Why?
  2. What did you think about the end? Why?
  3. How were the discussions helpful? Why?