Podcast, Continued

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SWBAT complete PodCasts, novels, and exit slips.

Big Idea

Students use time to complete their novels and PodCasts.

Silent Reading and Finish Asia & Middle East Novels

20 minutes

Today is the absolute last day to finish the Middle East & Asia Novels before the final group discussion. If kids haven't finish their novels today, make sure they complete an exit slip:

I just finished my Middle East/Asia novel.

Then they can transition to independent reading.

Read Aloud: "Iqbal"

15 minutes

I read aloud from the story "Iqbal." Students listen and engage with the narrative.

PodCast Worktime

30 minutes

This lesson is carried over directly from the day before.

PodCast Directions

1. Using Garage Band, you will create a PodCast and drop it in Ms. Larson’s dropbox.

2. Podcast Option 1: With a partner, create an interview. One person will be interviewing another student who is pretending to be a character from their Middle East/Asia novel. This interview should take place after the novel has ended… what is your character doing now?? Write down your questions first.

3. Podcast Option 2: With a partner create a radio show where you're reviewing your book. Create a script before you begin your podcast.


Kids were very engaged while creating their PodCasts! Here are some more student samples:

Student Sample- Podcast "Shooting Kabul"

Student Sample- Podcast "A Little Piece of Ground"