Vocab Final Review - Socrative Test

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SWBAT present good reviews to help peers prepare for the final, cumulative test. SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of Latin roots learned over the course of a school year.

Big Idea

Each one, teach one...then each one, take one (test.)

Students Present Their "Lessons"

45 minutes

Note:  This lesson actually took two days, but I put the two days together for the sake of coherence.  This part, the presentations, occurred the day before the test.

All year, we have been working with Latin roots for our warm ups.  I use a resource called "Everyday Words from Classic Origins" for the roots, and then I write up the warm ups and the tests.  Since the year is coming to an end, the students are preparing for a cumulative test.

So, last week, I assigned a lesson (12 roots) to a pair of students in each class.  Their job was to create a three- to five-minute lesson to help their classmates review.  Nothing fancy was required, but many students designed games, made PowerPoints and did other creative things.

This was a good way to just do a final review of the vocabulary before taking the test.

Socrative Test

20 minutes

Words cannot describe how much I love Socrative.  This app replaces all of the dumb clicker systems that you have to set up for two hours before using.

Basically, you can use it to create multiple choice tests.  It's simple and easy.  You can randomize answer choices to cut down on the peeking problems.  You can allow (or disable) immediate feedback.  You can pace the quiz or allow it to be student-paced.  And you can watch the live results from your laptop screen, so you can watch pacing and intervene quickly whenever someone is having a problem.

So, the students took their cumulative vocabulary test on Socrative.  When they finished, their results -- including all correct and missed answers -- were e-mailed to me in an Excel document.  

Grading?  Done.