Poetry Analysis: Finishing Up Poems for Two Voices

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SWBAT analyze a poem from the book "Joyful Noise: A Poem for Two Voices" as far as structure and word choice are concerned.

Big Idea

Demonstrating understanding through writing is a necessary life skill.

Big News!

10 minutes

After yesterday's big performances, the students come in today not knowing quite what to expect.  I tell them that today's lesson is the culmination of all of our lessons on the book Joyful Noise:  Poems for Two Voices.  Today, students are going to get to analyze a poem for word choice and structure all by themselves.  (There was not the cheering that I thought there might be for this!!  But, oh well!!)

I show the students the document they will use to analyze any poem from the book they choose.  I have a student hand out the books while I settle in at the ELMO and turn to "Whirligig Beetles".  

Modeling and Analyzing

40 minutes

Once all the students have their books open to "Whirligig Beetles", I read the document questions and we work through them together.  This poem will not be one they can choose from when completing their own analysis, but I wanted to model some thinking with the students and remind them of all the lessons we've learned.  This takes a while, but when we're done, I'm pretty sure they get it.

I hand out their documents and instruct them to choose any poem they wish and complete the analysis.  I give students the entire time to work.  

Tell Me What You Think

15 minutes

Near the end of class, I gather the students back together as a group and collect the papers.  I ask them for a "Glow and a Grow" for this unit.  I want to know what they liked and didn't like. In our discussion, I heard a lot of things that I can file away for next year.  Most kiddos liked the poetry reading and did NOT like the final summative assessment that we did in this lesson. (Why am I not surprised!!)