Writing: Hear with the Ear - Editing

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SWBAT use feedback from their peers to strengthen their writing during the editing process.

Big Idea

Students work with a partner to edit their speech as they prepare to give a presentation on how sound moves through the ear.

Modeling and Guided Practice

10 minutes

Students should deliver their presentations with as much precision as possible. This can be achieved by editing the speeches they have written. Students were able to tell me that we edit our writing to find the mistakes and make it better.

I displayed the piece I had written about the life cycle of a frog and modeled reading it aloud and searching for mistakes. I circled the mistakes I found as I read. After modeling a few times, students joined me in finding any errors and making corrections. This served as a refresher on the editing process, which they would then apply to their own writing.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Students worked in pairs to edit their writing. After their initial edit, they gave it to their partner to read. The partner gave them feedback and the student made additional corrections. I circulated around the room offering assistance as needed.


10 minutes

I assessed students on their ability to edit their writing. It is important that students move toward independence in the editing process. Students’ ability to evaluate their writing demonstrates increasing proficiency in the conventions of the English language as dictated by the CCSS expectation in Language standards 1-3 in grade 3.