Multi-Part Money Word Problems

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SWBAT solve multi-part money word problems.

Big Idea

Students use their knowledge of addition, subtraction, and money to solve multi-part money word problems.

Entrance Ticket

10 minutes

I start class by giving my students an entrance ticket.  As students work on the entrance ticket, I circulate to observe student work and strategies. 

I give students 7-8 minutes to work on the entrance ticket.  

This entrance ticket gives me as a teacher an idea of where my students are with these foundational money skills (like adding money amounts) that they will need in order to be successful on these multi-part money word problems. 

Introduction to New Material

10 minutes

I spend the Introduction to New Material time going over each part of the entrance ticket with the students. I cold call on students or groups to explain how they solved each component of the problem.  As I students explain, I model how they solved the problem on the board or I have them model their own thinking processes. This allows students who did not successfully solve the problem a chance to hear other student's thinking. It also allows students who successfully solved the problem hear multiple ways to solve one problem. (i.e: it is important for a student who solved the first part of the problem using column addition to also hear how a student solved the same problem by drawing the coins and grouping them).

As I go over the entrance ticket with my class I pay special attention to any student who is having problems adding the money amounts since that is such a foundational skill. 

Guided Practice

10 minutes

We are going to work on a problem in partners. 

I hand out the worksheet.  (You can also post the problem on the board and have students do the problems in their math journals).  I give students coin and dollar bill manipulatives that they can use if they want.   

As students work, I spend time listening to students' talk to one another about the problem of the day and observing what strategies they are drawn to. (MP5)

Students may solve these problems by:

1) Drawing the coins necessary to buy each item and matching them up. 

2) Adding the item's money amounts together and trying to find a "match" for the coins at hand

Since students have seen problems similar to the problem of the day before, I listen to see if students are accurately using strategies we have discussed as a class for counting money, adding money, and drawing coins. 

I bring all of the students back together and go over the guided practice in a similar fashion to when I went over the entrance ticket. 

Independent Practice

15 minutes

Independent practice is leveled into two groups:

Group A:  In need of intervention

I work with students in this group to model multi-part money word problems using manipulatives and help students to concretely visualize the concepts that we have been working on during this lesson.

Group B: On level and extension

Students in this group work independently or in partners to solve multi-step money word problems.  Students have access to manipulatives if they want but are encouraged to think more abstractly. 

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

We have spent today becoming stronger at solving multi-part money word problems!  You are going to show me what you know on an exit ticket

As students work, I circulate and observe student strategies (I do not help students during the exit ticket since I want my students to show me their current level of understanding of these skills). 

I review and correct the exit ticket with students at the end of class so that they can get immediate feedback on their work.