Main Idea and Supporting Details in Digital Media

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SWBAT determine the main idea and supporting details in educational videos.

Big Idea

In today’s digital world, information is presented in a variety of formats, including online. it is essential that students develop good listening skills in order to learn from digital media.

Modeling and Guided Practice

20 minutes

At the onset of the lesson, I directed students to a poster listing the characteristics of a good listener. They are accustomed to watching videos for entertainment, but today they would learn how to view them in order to learn. Using the SmartBoard, I modeled how to identify the main idea and supporting details while viewing a 3D model of the ear. I made the connection to how we identify main idea and details when reading a text. I asked myself questions about what the video was trying to teach me by using the narrator’s words and the illustrations. It was telling me about parts of the ear and the supporting details were the highlighted ear parts as the narrator discussed how sound moves through each part. Using the document camera, I also modeled how to fill in the graphic organizer to make the connections between the main idea and supporting details. I guided students in doing the same on their own graphic organizers.

Independent Practice

40 minutes

Students worked in pairs during independent practice to provide support for each other as they learned this new skill in light of CCSS. They viewed pre-selected videos on an iPad. Links to the videos were posted on our class webpage hosted a Wikispaces. I did this so that students did not have to spend a great deal of time searching for random videos. Those selected were based on topics we had learned about in the past. I purposely chose age-appropriate videos of varying difficulty to ensure student success.


10 minutes

Students assessed themselves on how well they listened. They were given checklists in their guides, so they knew what behaviors were expected as a listener.