Ready, Set, PodCast!

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SWBAT create PodCasts based on events that have taken place in their characters' lives, after the novel ends.

Big Idea

What happens to these characters after our story ends? This PodCast interview gives students the chance to infer about these character's lives after the story ends.

Complete Middle East/Asia Novel: Silent Reading

20 minutes

Today is the day that students should be finished with their Middle East & Asia novels. They're given silent reading time at the start of class to either finish their lit circle book, or to read independently.

Whenever they finish, they should grab a type of exit slip: I just finished my Middle East/Asia novel.

They can read this and complete it. Whenever it is finished, they can transition to independent reading. I take the results and factor them into next year's teaching.

PodCast Worktime

55 minutes

As a creative culminating activity for this unit, I added a PodCast.

PodCast Directions

1. Using Garage Band, you will create a PodCast and drop it in Ms. Larson’s dropbox.

2. Podcast Option 1: With a partner, create an interview. One person will be interviewing another student who is pretending to be a character from their Middle East/Asia novel. This interview should take place after the novel has ended… what is your character doing now?? Write down your questions first.

3. Podcast Option 2: With a partner create a radio show where you're reviewing your book. Create a script before you begin your podcast.

Kids could choose from either of the options. Groups became so engaged and involved in this project! It was awesome. They created scripts before they began recording. They took on the persona of different characters. I found this to be a really effective way of assessing point of view. Could the kids capture these character's accurate voices?

Here are some video samples: there is no video that goes along with them, but they are still a video file of a work in progress:

Student Sample- Podcast "Beneath My Mother's Feet"