Quiz 1 : Assessing addition and subtraction of like denominators

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SWBAT add and subtract fractions with like denominators.

Big Idea

This assessment shows if students know how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators. They also show their skills in applying this understanding to word problems.

Timed Tests

10 minutes

My students need constant reinforcement in math fact fluency. Subtraction is still a weak area for my students. They can rattle off their multiplication facts, but when I ask what 11-5 is, they stumble. So again today, we logged onto our iPad ap Timed Test and set it up for two subtraction tests. Because subtraction is such a stumbling block mentally, I roved the class as they were working helping them with thinking strategies. I told them to think of 15-6 as "What plus six is 15?" I have noticed that using this inverse technique helps them think more quickly. Their scores were a little better today. They can log into their score record page and see how they are doing from test to test. One student exclaimed that she gained 20 points just thinking about addition! We are going to keep at this!


Quiz 1: Administering the quiz

30 minutes

Quiz 1 Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators
I created this very straightforward and simple quiz as a warm up for the second quiz. The second quiz will be tomorrow, and will include mixed numbers and decomposition. The quiz has examples of straightforward addition and subtraction problems with two word problems that refer to the same whole. The first problems are skill warm ups.

I passed the quiz out and we went over directions, understanding that the word problems needed to be proven by drawing a fractional model.