Aha Moment

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SWBAT locate aha moments in their mentor texts and in the read aloud.

Big Idea

How do we know when a character has an "aha moment?" We find an example in our read aloud and students continue to search.

Review of Signposts & Whole Class Notes: Aha Moment

10 minutes

Before we start our whole class notes, we review the concept of signposts, which were originally introduced during the contrast and contradiction lesson. We briefly review this concept and recall why these are called signposts.

Contrast & Contradiction

When a character does something surprising or opposite of what the reader expects.

 Our signpost we'll discover today is called an:

Aha Moment

When a character suddenly realizes something extremely important, usually about themselves, sometimes about something or someone else.

Here is a copy of Whole Class Notes: Aha Moments.

This includes an example from Iqbal, which I outline in the next lesson section.

Read Aloud: "Iqbal" & Notice Aha Moments

20 minutes

Before I begin reading aloud, I set the purpose:

Today you're listening for any character who has an aha moment. Remind me again, what is an aha moment?

Then I begin reading aloud from "Iqbal." I've timed this perfectly. I don't think its necessarily important to always stumble upon a signpost the day you introduce them. Obviously life doesn't always work out so perfectly; we can read something, and there may not be a signpost available for us to notice. It can even be nice to find them the day after you introduce the concept. However, today, I found my signpost.

Here is the section of Iqbal where the class has located their aha moment:

Screen Cast: Using "Iqbal" to Find an "Aha Moment!"

Independent Work Time: Complete Discussion Boxes, Set 5 and Aha Moment Search

45 minutes

Kids complete their Discussion Boxes, Set 5 independently and search for examples of Aha Moments in their literature circle novel. I circulate to clear up confusion, as well as help answer questions about aha moments. I'll often get the question, is this a good aha? At this stage in the year, kids are familiar with me turning the question right back around and asking them, well why did you choose it?