Best Book Project Day 5 -Share/"Give Love"

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SWBAT create an online multimedia project advertising book suggestions to next year's students and share in class.

Big Idea

Give a little love...

Warm Up

15 minutes

While many students will have worked from home last night, a few need a little time, so I'll open class today with free time to finalize anything not finished on their Best Book Image.

Project Sharing

35 minutes

Today, is about sharing and giving "love".  So, students will introduce their favorite book and share their Thinglink with their table mates image as a visual aid.  One per table will be selected to go before entire class. 


Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class, I will give time for students to get on the channel and view each others projects. I will point out the "touch heart" feature and ask students to give a little "love" to those that sell their book the best.