Best Book Project Day 4

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SWBAT create an online multimedia project advertising books to next year's students.

Big Idea

Time to get creative…a must in advertising.

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will display the list of five tags needed to complete their Best Book Thinglink image.  At this point there should be three to add.  Today, I'll turn students loose to research, be creative and add these on their own.

1.  Selfie

2.  How to Buy/Get My Own

3. Author site (or similar if author-Tolkien for example- doesn't have his/her own site)

4.  Book Trailer 

5. Student Chosen Theme Song to Represent the Mood/Theme, etc.

Project Work

45 minutes

Today is about letting my students be creative, so I'll circulate and assist while they using head phones (when needed) add an author page, video/trailers, theme songs, and any other creative tags they want to incorporate, etc to their image.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up today, I'll display our class channel and check a few examples.  As a class we'll note pros and cons.