Best Book Project Day 2

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SWBAT create an online multimedia project advertising books to next year's students.

Big Idea

Using tags to make our images worth more than "a thousand words".

Warm Up

5 minutes

I will open class today with an introduction to Thinglink.   I'll do this by showing students an example I created on Thinglink.  

Next, I'll explain that for their final project, they will create their own Thinglink image (using the cover of their favorite book) to advertise their favorite book to my students next year. Their goal is to convince students, through images and tags, to read that book next year.

Project Work

20 minutes

We have shortened classes again today due to testing, so I have a goal - I just want to get student thinglink projects started today.  I do not want to try to do too much.

First, I'll walk students through logging in with usernames and passwords that have already been generated and automatically put students in my class.

Next, I'll ask students to locate a picture of their favorite book (cover only) online and save it to their computer.  Then, I'll walk them through uploading that to thinglink, titling it and adding their image to our class channel. 



Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class, I'll display the class channel to ensure all have been added and are titled correctly.