Analyzing Informative Text - Review Week Day 4

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SWBAT analyze how two authors present the same idea, determine which is most effective and support their conclusions with evidence from the texts.

Big Idea

Two views of information we can use, but... is one better?

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today, I will continue working though a review of the three types of reading I have asked students to do this year with paired informational text.  Before beginning I will collect both the graphic organizer and extended response from yesterday's assignment for my review.  (Note that I will not ask students to self-assess this yet.)  

Class will begin today with the question, “How many of you own earbuds?” and the issue of hearing loss that is often associated with listening to loud music, etc.

This will lead into a discussion of people we know with hearing loss- typically grandparents (not young people), but today they will use informational text to learn about how hearing loss affects young people more than we realize.

Before moving to the material for the day, I want students to be able to empathize with those who have had hearing loss through a simulated experience in the video below.


20 minutes

In this portion of the lesson, students will read two articles “Throw Away Your Earbuds Now” and “I Can’t Hear You”.  After their initial reading, they’ll reread, discuss and complete a handout to help them organize their thinking.

I will circulate around the room answering questions and keeping students on track.

Independent Work

20 minutes

Today, independent work requires students to compare the texts they read and respond to an  extended response prompt including evidence from the text to support their analysis and conclusions. This assignment should be completed and ready for review first thing tomorrow.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

This lesson does not need a huge wrap up, so to close up shop today, I will ask students to respond to the quick exit poll on Edmodo before they log out. (See attached screenshot of the poll for this class.  Note that this is a small class and there are several absent due to a school trip, but it gives me the information I need. Please ignore my typo in the poll:))