Evaluating Argument - Review Week Day 3

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SWBAT evaluate two arguments to determine which is most successful and use evidence from the texts to support their conclusions.

Big Idea

A love/hate topic + legal issues = great argument analysis!

Warm Up/Lesson

15 minutes

To open class today, we'll review work/models from yesterday's extended response question.  (When pressed for time due to a quick turn around, I will randomly take pics of student work on my phone and use pics for this discussion.  I takes only a few moments to upload student work pics to my google docs on my phone and display on our SMART board.  You could also use a document camera for this.)

After reviewing student examples (see video from yesterday's lesson) and pointing out -with student help- pros and cons, I'll hand back any that were turned in at the end of class yesterday and ask students to self-assess with the extended response rubric (displayed on screen). This is something student have done during the year and will require only a few minutes.

Finally, I will collect all student work for my review.

Independent Work/Wrap Up

45 minutes

Today, I'll continue working though a review of the three types of reading I have asked students to do this year with a debate.  This piece is perfect because of the subject - Justin Bieber - and the "yes" and "no" articles that present both sides.

Students will read the piece and complete the tracing argument kit to collect their thinking.  Then, they'll complete the extended response.  An extended response takes longer to complete, so given the amount of class time remaining I will allow students to turn this in tomorrow if needed. I'm after quality not speed.  The latter does us no good if the former is not there.

As this assignment is quite lengthy, students will work right up to the end of the period.  I will be circulating while students work, so I do not feel that a specific wrap up is needed.  I will simply dismiss class.