Short Story Analysis - Review Week Day 2

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SWBAT analyze how story elements interact and impact each other and support their conclusions with evidence from the text.

Big Idea

Analyzing element interaction with a Gary Paulsen original.

Warm Up/Lesson

15 minutes

To open class today, we'll review work/models from yesterday's short answer question.  I felt like students understood and "got" the comparison yesterday between Jackie Robinson and Sadaf, but had a difficult time explaining it correctly.  

So I'll use this time to teach a mini-lesson reviewing five areas of concern when writing a "constructed" or open response. These are all basics that we have covered this year but based on yesterday's assignment, need to be reviewed before we go further.

Independent Work/Wrap Up

45 minutes

Today, I'll begin working though a review of the three types of reading I have asked students to do this year with a fictional short story.  This piece is particularly perfect because it is new (so this is a cold read instead of a story they may have been exposed to before), and it is by Gary Paulsen (a favorite of my students).

Students will read the piece and complete the graphic organizer to collect their thinking.  Then, they'll complete the extended response.  An extended response takes longer to complete, so given the amount of class time remaining I will allow students to turn this in tomorrow.  I'm after quality not speed.  The latter does us no good if the former is not there.

As this assignment is quite lengthy, students will work right up to the end of the period.  I will circulate and assist while students work, so I do not feel that a specific wrap up is needed.  I will simply remind them to complete the task for class tomorrow and dismiss.