Compare/Contrast - Review Week Day 1

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SWBAT compare texts to determine meaning and support their conclusions with evidence from the text.

Big Idea

The end is near…how will you respond?

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today is the beginning of my efforts to wind up our year on a positive note while keeping my students engaged.  So, I open class today with a reminder that while the end is near, it's not over yet, and it is important to finish strong.

As students enter the room, I'll have this quote on my board...

"How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game…" Lou Holtz (This quote is used in the video, but I want students to be thinking about it as they enter the room.)

Classrooms that give in and "party" at the end of the school year irritate me, so this is my way of combating that. I want my students to see that while we celebrate their year and accomplishments, we still use our time wisely as they prepare for both the challenges of the end of the year and summer.

Then, we'll view the video below and discuss how it relates to their second half challenge - at a point when they are ready to throw in the metaphorical towel for summer, they have to rise to the challenge of not only state and local assessments but also making the best use of their time.






Independent Work

40 minutes

Sticking with my theme of challenge and not throwing in the towel, today students will read about two very impressive athletes.  One they know - Jackie Robinson (and that will also snag my boys attention), but the other is someone I'm sure they aren't familiar with -a female boxer from Afghanistan.  

Students will read the piece and use the graphic organizer to collect their thinking.  Then, they'll complete the short answer questions.



Wrap Up

5 minutes

Students will self-assess using the General Scoring Guide (displayed on screen) and turn in their work.  This is not a new process for my students, so it takes only a few moments.