Writing: Hear with the Ear

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SWBAT write an informative piece that conveys information clearly by using language pertaining to sequence.

Big Idea

Students write a speech explaining how sound moves through the ear before presenting to their peers.

Modeling and Guided Practice

20 minutes

I showed students a diagram of the life cycle of a frog to illustrate the importance of telling a process in sequence. I explained the cycle out of sequence and students noted that it did not make sense. I told students it is important to explain a process in order, or sequence, to help the listener understand how something happens, just like we had been studying sequencing in literature.  I told students they were going to give a presentation explaining how sound moves through the ear, but first, they had to write what they’re going to say.

I showed students the checklist they would use to write their speech. The checklist included items that had been the focus of previous writing lessons, such as opening sentence, concluding statement, and grammar. Using the document camera, I modeled writing a short speech explaining the life cycle of a frog, using the checklist to ensure I included all elements. I purposely left out a step so that I could model how it wouldn’t make sense without the step and the purpose of revising to make sure all stages of the life cycle were included. I also referenced a poster of sequencing words I had posted in front of the room, explaining that these words were necessary when explaining a process.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

After I modeled writing the piece, students worked in pairs to write their speeches on index cards. I walked around and offered assistance as they worked. Some students had trouble getting started. I directed them to the poster of sequencing words and asked what word they could use to get started. They pointed out the word, first. I asked them what sentence they could write. They told me the sentence and wrote it down. This got them started and they were able to continue to writing the steps to completion.


10 minutes

Students self-assessed via checklist. I also assessed them with the checklist.