Stand Alone On-Demand

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SWBAT: choose a prompt and write in a timed situation. Then students will peer assess and peer review their finished products.

Big Idea

My school does two different On-Demand activities. The first is a passage-based prompt and is pretty intense, the second is called a "Stand Alone," and is a nice, quick assessment of student writing!

Guiding Question

5 minutes

You know, this year I've really been working on Peer Review and trying to get students to see the benefit as a writer. But, to be honest, one thing I haven't really pushed is how the process might be beneficial to a reader and reviewer.

This Guiding Question attempts to get students to begin thinking about this. What are the benefits of looking at someone else's writing? These students explain:



60 minutes

My students have 40 minutes to take the Stand Alone On Demand test. They choose a prompt and write either a speech (argument) or a narrative. 

When we finish with the 40 minutes, we trade papers and score using the Narrative Rubric or the Argumentative Rubric, depending on what prompt they chose (I've also attached this Informational Rubric that we use of the students are asked to write an informational text).

This was a really rushed lesson, and could probably be broken into two lessons, so that the "review" portion of the lesson has more of an emphasis. However, my students still did a great job with the peer review portion: