Hope is the Ability to See the Solutions to Problems

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SWBAT...Review the key ideas expressed in "The Diary of Ann Frank" and draw conclusions about problems and solutions in light of information and knowledge in text and in discussions

Big Idea

Every problem has a solution, but sometimes we don't see it from others perspectives. Discussing different strategies helps us to see a bigger picture of the events that occur.

Guiding the Learning

15 minutes

After our prior discussion on the cause /effect format of the text "The Diary of Anne Frank" I now want to move students deeper into the text to use this information to evaluate how Anne faced problems and how her solutions helped to keep her optimistic.

Here's students giving their advice of suggested solutions to Anne for solving some of the problems she faced:

Group Responses

15 minutes

After students have read the final chapter and written a response to the text question of "What would you ask Anne Frank if you met her?" 

I have them share their responses and the reasoning behind their choices. I now want them to delve deeper into the meaning iof her life and the character traits that created her positive attitude even though all the horrible things were happening around her.

I ask them to respond to Do you think Anne regretted her life? - I explain by sharing that that means Do you think she would feel she didn't have a rewarding life?  

I want to keep them moving forward with the text so I first ask them a character trait question "What was her personality like? and then lead them to and evaluative one "Did she meet ger goal, or her dream, to be a writer? We debate this and student discourse reveals both sides of the issue - Yeah! that's where I wanted them to go.  

Here's a video of a part of our discussion and how I lead them deeper into text evaluation of deeper meaning: