Close Reading: Using Textual Evidence to Pump Up the Energy For the Win

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SWBAT draw inferences about character's perspectives on standardized tests from a fictional story.

Big Idea

Thumbs Up if you like tests! Thumbs down if you HATE them!


7 minutes

This is the last lesson of our close reading unit and students have conducted a plethora of strategies that will make them successful with tackling their own comprehension of literary text. Since majority of this unit focused on my introduction of reading strategies and/or techniques, I wanted to end this unit by celebrating the success students made with each genre-infused passage.

To begin the process of reflection, students look back at their trophies and draw conclusions on how they met their goals. Prior to looking over all of the grades of each reading passage, students will be asked to infer how they met their goal based on the behavioral responses shown throughout the unit.

There are many ways to help boost students' confidence about this reflection. I chose to speak with each student individual about their goal and how to met its expectation if it was missed during this unit.  

Guided Practice: Test-Taking Skills for Annotating Multiple Passages

5 minutes

To model my expectation of annotating, I review the annotating text guidelines with the entire class. This will not be the first or last time that students engage themselves with the concept of annotation. Because of this, it is important that students understand that annotating can require various entry methods that all lead to one end result: Better Interaction With Words in A Passage.

Independent Practice: Dr. Seuss's Stance on Standardized Tests

25 minutes

Since students have taken test all week long, it is nice to hear the perspective of testing rather than students discovering it through their connection to literature. As a class, we will listen to Dr. Seuss' Hooray for Diffendoofer Day so students can hear how instruction must be different to (1) tailor to student interest, (2) make learning relevant, and (3) assess what students have retained over the course of the year. 

As we watch the video, I place in a table the reactions of the principal, teachers, and students about testing. This reference will be used at the end of this activity to validate answers to reactions on testing. After the clip is complete, students will work to recall the evidences found in the clip to support the perspectives of each character. Check out an example, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day, of what was discovered in the clip. From this share-out and analysis of the story, students will understand the reactions that are contained with standardized tests in school buildings.


10 minutes

Find a way to congratulate all students for attempting new ways to close read texts. Students who made their goals will hear a chant, cheer, or congratulations from the class. For students who missed the mark, refer back to the test taking rules to build future confidence in how close reading strategies can increase scores on reading tests.