Close Reading: Reading in a Way That Brings the Reader and Text Together

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SWBAT annotate an informational passage to express the central ideas of a literary text.

Big Idea

Tell Me a secret in the margins: Students will annotate ways to better comprehend informational text.

Bellringer: The Reward Goes To

10 minutes

To start this lesson, students will be asked to think of what it means to do well on their end-of-grade test in reading. Instead of answering this aloud, students will design their own trophy giving themselves praise for something undone. Examples of goals that students could set can include

This award is presented to (name) for making a __ on the reading EOG.”

At the end of this activity, students will have set goals for why doing well on this test matters to them. I will post these trophy samples so students can revisit the goals set for mastering concepts throughout this unit.

Independent Practice: Ways to Read for a Purpose

20 minutes

This lesson is design to prepare students for being successful on their end of exam. To help students increase their reading stamina and fluency, I will allow them to select the way they will close read the Organic Foods text for today. In the fishbowl, the following options are seen: (1) annotate, (2) highlight repeated words, phrases, or images, (3) making inferences in the margin, (4) skim, and (5) writing summaries in the margins of the viewpoint of the author. To get started with reading, students select a piece of paper out the bowl. I tell students that since there are many ways to close read a text, they will try out all the ways in this first lesson.

Once students select a way to read a passage entitled, "Organic Foods,", they will independently use the strategy from the fishbowl on the text. I encourage students to try the selected strategy even if they aren't use to using it on a text. Since this is trial and error, I tell students this introductory lesson will influence the way annotation looks throughout the rest of the lessons.

Scaffold Instruction to Build Comprehension

20 minutes

To bridge our understanding of reading an informational piece of text, students will complete a main idea graphic organizer in pairs. In this event, students are understanding how to gather essential information about a particular topic. Check out my video talking over graphic organizer to see how information was placed in each box.

The next step after organizing the information is to complete the comprehension questions at the end of the selection. Prior to students answering the questions, I have them highlighted the asked skill. Check out this video, talking over highlighted concepts in questions to see how students' papers looked during this activity. The guidance offered to students will allow them to focus on ways to better tackle how to correctly answer multiple choice questions.