Tone/Attitude of the Speaker

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SWBAT differentiate the levels of emotion of variety of “Tone” words for use in writing

Big Idea

The importance of identify that “just right” word to describe “Tone”

Tone Awareness

10 minutes

We had a class discussion about the impact of tone upon writing and that tone is the attitude that the author has about a topic.  I asked, “If you know that definition, how can we apply tone to speaking?”  As a class, we decided that when speaking, tone would be the attitude the speaker portrays to his/her audience.

We then discussed levels of emotion and related it to the energy wheel(Day 1) as we wrote poetry.  I reminded them that the energy wheel moved at different speeds projecting various emotions as it slowed or speed up.

Categorize "Tone" Words

15 minutes

I wrote the following words on the board and asked students to record and categorize them with a partner on an  Emotion Chart” created on their own paper.

 terrified              fearful               ghastly          frustrated         threatening      upset   unenthusiastic     distressed          freaked          intimidating       unified             exhilarated  alarmed              worried              anguish         delighted           thrilled            cheerful  pressured            troubled             bossy           steadfast          devoted          perplexed  horrified              furious                evil             dedication          distraught        bewildered  radiant               spooked             irritated         annoyed            supportive       baffled


After partners sorted these tone words, we discussed the reasons for classifying them in a particular order.       

Level of Emotion

30 minutes

Next we discussed how emotions can rise and fall and how specific words can be synonyms but indicate a variety of levels of responses.  It is necessary to recognize this difference when selecting appropriate synonyms.

Each small group (4 – 5 students) was assigned a column of words from the “Emotion Chart”.  They arrange the words from least to greatest emotionally.  On the board, we drew a thermometer, so groups could record the words in relationship to degrees. A sample is included on the "Emotion Chart."  As a class, we discussed the position of the words and the reasons why the group placed the word in a specific location, the discussion related to “level of emotions”.