Peer Response Workshop

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Working in groups of three, SWBAT read and analyze the argument essay rough drafts of two of their peers, addressing the tasks on a peer-response form.

Big Idea

Peer-to-peer feedback helps both writer and reader.

Today My Students Have A Sub . . .

. . . so here is the plan.

Peer Response Workshop

70 minutes


I have left the following instructions  for the substitute, who will be overseeing a peer response workshop as my students read the argument essay rough drafts of two of their peers.

I have designed this peer response form to match the structure of the drafting template as much as possible, as well as the requirements indicated on the argument essay prompt my students were given.  Both student readers will read the complete draft of their peer, though the questions and tasks for each reader differ.  

Normally, when I am present, it is my custom to collect the rough drafts at the beginning of the period and arrange them in sets of three; that way, I can separate students who tend to wander off task when they work together, and can arrange students in high-low groups as necessary.  In light of my absence, however, I am leaving the group arrangements up to my students today.  By now, however, I am fairly confident in the amount of respect they demonstrate for our classroom, and for the tasks for which I give them, so I anticipate a generally smooth experience for the substitute (fingers crossed, nonetheless).