Writing an Informational Report: Final Copy

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SWBAT transfer the feedback they received from a peer editor and from their own editing to produce a mistake free informational report.

Big Idea

Being able to use constructive feedback and to effectively edit produces better, more coherent writing.

You Do Know, Right??

10 minutes

The only job students have today is to write their final copy.  Students will finish today at all different paces depending on how many mistakes they have to correct so that's where we begin.

When students enter, their papers are placed on their desks and the ELMO is on showing the editing and revising checklist.  Once they settle in, I begin to explain that the checklist is not just a random step in the writing process, but the most important step in the writing process.  I go through each step and remind students that they actually have to fix the mistakes that people saw.  If there was a misspelled word, it has to be spelled correctly.  If someone found a sentence with no punctuation, they had to fix it.  This should go without saying, but my students have come to the conclusion that editing stops at the checklist and I have seen very little carry over into their writing.  SO, we give explicit directions to get the mistakes fixed.


Finishing Up

40 minutes

The rest of class is dedicated to fixing mistakes and finishing final copies.  Once students begin to finish, I let them type their final copies on the computer.  Again, like yesterday, this is for keyboarding practice only, as I like their portfolio pieces to be handwritten, but they enjoy it and it motivates them to finish!  Once the classroom computers are filled, the other students can participate in free writing until it's their turn to type.

My time is spent helping students find words in dictionaries and reminding them to use the feedback they received from their editing checklists to make their final copy the best one they've done.

Near the end of class, I begin to collect the final copies only.  I send all the other pieces of the writing process home with them.  I staple their rubrics to their reports and send them on the students on their way.