Leaping Lily Pads

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Students will add within ten.

Big Idea

Kindergartners use frog counters to help leap into addition.


15 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I ask students to join me at the white board. We have a brief conversation about addition, and what it is. I am looking to hear conversation about "putting items together", "getting more", and a "sum".

After our discussion, I display today's task- Leaping Lily Pads. This a worksheet that I had found in the magazine, Teacher's Helper. I like this assignment because it has 10 frogs on the bottom that need to be cut out and used as counters. We have been using a lot of unifix cubes, so this switches it up for my Kindergartners. I also love that it helps with visualizing and one-to-one correspondence.

With my guidance, I call 3 students up to complete three problems on the white board as the class follows along. I have included video of this activity. Once we have completed three addition number sentences together, most students are ready to begin the task independently. 

Independent Work

15 minutes

At this point, I send students off to work independently. Passing out papers, glue & scissors is handled by table captains in my classroom. This is addressed in my reflection.

Students are seated at 4 tables within the room. I make sure to rotate thru and sit at each table for a couple of minutes. This gives me a chance to observe my students working, and intervene if needed. Spending some time at each table helps me figure out which students are struggling, and might need extra help.