Writing an Informational Report: Revising and Editing

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SWBAT use a checklist to edit and revise their own informational report as well as to use the same checklist to provide feedback to a classmate.

Big Idea

The revising and editing stage are the most important stages of the writing process.

Student Grouping Strategy

10 minutes

Today the students enter the room but have to search for their writing materials.  I have passed them out, but I've done it in a way that all the people sitting in a group are at the same stage of the writing process.  Students find their seats, but, before they can begin, I put the editing and revising document under the ELMO so I can show all of the students what to do with it even though they're not all ready for it.  I find doing this in a mini lesson format saves me from repeating the directions a hundred times as different kids reach that stage at different times.  

After the mini lesson, the students are ready to reach today's goal- finishing up their report and completing the editing and revising.

Revising and Editing

40 minutes

Similar to yesterday's lesson, I roam the groups of students monitoring behavior and answering questions without telling students what or how to express their thoughts.  As students finish a section, I move them to other groups to sit with students who are at the same stage.    I do find that I have to pay special attention to my group from yesterday that didn't finish their introduction and two body paragraphs.  They have to do double duty so I spend a great deal of the time sitting with their group.

At the end of the work session, I want all students to be ready for final copy.  Of course not everyone will meet that goal, but the majority will work hard and push themselves to meet it so there will only be a few not done students to deal with.

My students are very experienced with using a revising and editing checklist so there aren't so many questions to answer as far as that task goes, but some students do finish very early and are final copy ready way before their classmates.  I allow those students to use the computer to type their report on the computer.  I always want a handwritten copy in their writing portfolio, so this will not be the one they turn in, but they enjoy getting to practice their keyboarding skills.  Once my classroom computers are filled, the other students may have free writing time until we gather back as a group.  


Check In/ Wrap Up

10 minutes

Near the end of the work session, I once again, gather up all the writing materials and have students move their clips on the pencil to represent their progress.  This time, the students that do not meet the goal of being rough draft ready will need to find time during the remainder of the day to finish.  

While I allow some flexibility for faster or slower writers, there are certain points where each kiddo has to be at the same spots.  Final copy is one.  I find that when students all start final copy at the same time, they notice their classmates finishing up and will work harder to finish. Then I can guarantee that we all finish at the same time ready to move on to something else.