End of Year Independent Reading Reflection

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SWBAT tally total number of books read during the year, do a genre count, and reflect further.

Big Idea

As an accountability check, we total up the number of books each block has read and report our totals. Then we come up with a school wide total for independent reading.

Shelfari Book Count

50 minutes

My district is really big on independent reading. My district is also really big on "accountability." Unfortunately, these two items don't really go hand in hand. It is very hard to hold kids accountable for their independent reading. I use a couple of methods, including independent reading checks and logs of various kinds, all found in my independent reading strategy folder.

Another tool that helps keep track of independent reading is Shelfari, the virtual and social bookshelf site. For how to set up Shelfari, use this lesson: Virtual Bookshelf Day.

Here are a couple of videos to help with Shelfari set up:

How to make groups and post discussion questions on Shelfari.

How to update my Shelfari shelf.

Towards the end of the year, we have a final day where students tally up the total number of books they read during the year. They can keep track of this in their notebooks. Then they come up with the total number of genres they've read, again using Shelfari. Then they should decide their favorite book that they've read within each genre.

Watch this video to learn how to "tag" books for a certain school year, to help with tallying totals at the end of the year:

How to tag books for a school year: tallying totals.

By the end of the period, I construct a sheet like this one:

Reporting book totals to the district.

This sheet can be posted on the board.

At the end of the year, I give the same survey that I gave during this lesson: Day 'O' Reflection. I make some minor tweaks to this reflection to make it relevant for the end of the year:

End of Year Reflection.