Roberto Clemente - A Man Not Afraid of Change

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SWBAT...analyze the early life of Roberto Clemente to respond to questioning with quotes when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

Big Idea

Much of what we learn from reading comes from the questions we devise while reviewing the chapters and story elements. Good readers find evidence to support inferences about text subjects.

Creating the Purpose

5 minutes

I first show students the Roberto Clemente book cover with the name covered up and ask who this person is on the cover? A few think they know who it is, but no one really knows who for sure. This question helps me to set the pace for the lesson by checking what knowledge they are coming to the group with. In this case, all have played baseball, but only a few are still on teams. This means I might have to be checking in for their levels of understanding more often. 

I share that we are going ton read a biography about his life and determine why he was chosen as an important baseball player in our country's history. We will be questioning and identifying evidence from a book walk and from reading a part of the story to begin learning about his character and life story.

Book Walk

15 minutes

I give students copies of the text and a Book Walk Story Elements worksheet. They work in a group with my guidance to complete the sections on text features and questioning. I give them them Post-it notes to use to generate their What I know What I wonder for this lesson rather than the worksheet because I want to teach them strategies to use as they read a variety of books in class. Students are asked to read for evidence and complete the worksheet. My group is very familiar with this worksheet but if your students are seeing it for the first time, you will need to walk through the sections in more depth with them and likely model how they are completed.  

When the time is up I have them discuss their findings and their questions that were generated on the text. I prompt them in this video to push their questioning to a deeper level and to search for evidence that suggests answers in the text - still on the predicting with evidence level.


Reading for Meaning

15 minutes

In this second part of the lesson I ask students to read the first chapter (or you can set a page limit) and to continue to write questions as they read. Their secondary task is to identify places in the text where they found evidence that supported or answered the questions they came up with. I gave them a 10 minute time limit and all were able to complete it in that time frame. 

Now I had them discuss together (with my guidance) what areas they questioned in the text and what evidence they found to support their answers.

Here is a video of our discussion and the ways that they and I respond to each other to build on responses to get deeper understanding of the text and the characters.

We end our discussion by my asking students why Roberto Clemente wanted to come and play baseball in America and not stay in his own country? They have not read enough to learn about his ability to play baseball well, but could share about the financial hardships his family faced in Puerto Rico. That's what I needed them to think about so that we could get to the big picture of his determination to overcome the personal hardships faced in our country.