Training In Schools of Ancient Greece

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SWBAT select and write an opinion piece that explains a greek teacher and what they taught. Student will give support for the teacher they chose.

Big Idea

Many lessons that students will learn or have learned come from ancient greek teachers. Students will write a chart, and use it to select a teacher they would learn from if they got the choice.

Creating a Chart

10 minutes

To help students understand the importance of reading charts, I explain to the class that we will build one. I am going to teach them about some famous Greek scientists and as I do this we will work together to create a chart. The class will need their white boards, markers and pencils. Once they have this, I tell them to separate their boards into three sections.

The first section will be the scientists name, the second column is for what they studied, and the last column is for what they discovered. I give the class the scientists name and ask them where I would write it. We do this, and then I give them what they studied. I again I have a student tell me where this information would go on our chart. Finally, I give the class the discovery. After each discovery, I briefly discuss it and how it relates to us today. 

We continue filling out the chart with other scientists. I check to see how everyone's chart looks by having them raise their boards when it should have been completed. 

Choosing a Teacher

10 minutes

With the chart filled out, we can now discuss what we have learned. I prompt them through inferring how hard it must have been to discover and teach what they discovered. The writing response will be from the chart they created and connecting it to themselves. I ask the class to think of the scientists as teachers, since a group of them studied math, they can make this connection easily. 

I ask the class to each choose one of the scientists to be their teacher if they lived in Ancient Greece. Each student will get a half sheet of lined paper, and will write their response on it. Once they have chosen their teacher, they will write what they will about under their new teacher. Students will then write two to three details on why they chose this teacher and if they need help why they did not chose the others. 

To conclude the lesson they will turn in their responses. If there is time we will discuss their choices and I will let them talk and share with their peers.