Reading and Writing Poetry: Defining Who I Am Through Poetic Form (2 of 2)

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SWBAT develop and plan their poetic writing and think critically about their writing by engaging in writer's workshop.

Big Idea

Can conferring with students help them think critically about their writing?

Warm up--Accessing prior knowledge from yesterday's lesson

10 minutes

Today is an early release day in my district so it is a shortened class period.  I will take advantage of this shortened class period with a writer's workshop day.  

To begin class, I will distribute the questions from the closure of yesterday's lesson.  I distribute them randomly so students are answering one of their peer's questions.  I tell students to spend a few minutes answering the questions.  After three or four minutes, I will open the class for discussion of the questions.  I will call on random students to read the questions and their answers. This will help us review the poet's structure.  I will ask students to think about structure and word choice when working on their own poems today.  

Making time for writing

20 minutes

I hand out the template which is downloaded from the Scholastic website.  Students have ten minutes to work on completing their template. During this time, I turn on soft music, tell the students it should be absolutely quiet and I leave them alone.  While they are writing, I am doing the same.  I sit near them, completing my own template.  I want them to see me writing and modeling the writing process. Here is a student example of template

After students complete the template, I will ask them to work on writing their rough draft.  This video, Writer's workshop (W.9-10.4, W.9-10.5) explains what this time looks like in my classroom and what I do while students are writing.  Because it is near the end of the year, students know the expectations of writer's workshop and I don't anticipate there being many behavior issues.  



5 minutes

To end class today, I will inform students that during our next time together, we will be doing a collaborative revision.  They need to come into class with their rough draft completed.