Presenting the Memory Book/The Last Day of School

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SWBAT spend their last day of school thinking of good times and happy memories.

Big Idea

If summer is here, why do we feel so sad?

The Memory Book

10 minutes

The last day of school is a special day for me.  We don't have a party because we have a "dance" during the school day several days before to celebrate.  The last day is a time where I like to reflect over the year with the students.  When I present them with their memory books, we all sit in a big circle on the floor.  I pull out a book at random and start reading some of the compliments aloud.  I end with my compliment to that student, and then, we try to guess who the book belongs to.  I don't let the students look at their books until they've all been handed out. It is really fun to watch them go through and laugh at the memories and smile over the compliments.  They love to pull out the string used to measure their height the first week of school to see how much they've grown!  Sixth grade is an unbelievable year for physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.  I'm so happy to send my students home with a snapshot of their year.  

The Video

25 minutes

For many years, I've made an end of the year video for my class.  There are many different ways I've done it, but this year, I felt a little pressed for time so I kept it simple.  In the past, we have asked the parents to email baby pictures to us, and we've included these in the video.  That is really a lot of work!  This year we've been good about taking pictures at every event through out the school year.  I made a quick and easy movie using Window's Movie Maker, and added some of our favorite songs.  I will upload it to youtube and email the parents the link.  I will burn a copy for a couple of my kids who don't have internet access at home.  

The school year is over!  I can hardly believe how it has flown!  I am a little extra sad to let this group of kids go, but I am super thankful to have our year documented on Better Lesson. I'm going to miss these kids!