Parametric and Polar Assessment

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SWBAT convert parametric and polar equations to rectangular form and graph simple polar graphs by hand.

Big Idea

Through a written assessment students demonstrate their competency with polar and parametric equations including writing in different forms and graphing.


40 minutes

Now that we are at the end of the school year, my students are required to take many standardized tests.  Due to the structure of the school day where students are constantly in and out of class, I use an assessment that does not have as much problem solving as I usually would use to evaluate my students.

The questions on this assessment ask students to convert from either polar to rectangular form.  Instead of making the students produce the equations for question 2, I already give them the equations and it is then their job to use the parametric equations to answer some questions. Having students problem solve this way means that they are reasoning abstractly and using a model to solve a real world problem.

The graphing done on the test is similar to the problems the students have previously worked on.   To answer these questions, most of the students will make the r-theta sinusoidal graph before they graph on the polar coordinate plane.