Parts of a Clock

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SWBAT create a model of a clock showing whole, half, and quarter hours.

Big Idea

Visual modeling reinforces conceptual understanding.


10 minutes

Who can tell me how many minutes are in a whole hour? And a half? And a quarter hour? How many half hours are there in an hour? How many quarter hours are in an hour? Sometimes when I look at the clock it helps me to think about what time it is in halves and quarters.

We are going to see what Annie and Moby have to say about it and then create some clocks for ourselves to break our clocks apart!

We watch a BrainPop Jr. Video - ‘Time to the quarter and half hour”. BrainPop is a subscription service but there are other free videos or interactive lessons that help students visualize these discrete understandings of how we structure time.  Measurement to the Quarter Hour is a free YouTube video that covers quarter hour – just skip the first 20 seconds.



30 minutes

I have an example of what we will be making here for you to see. Now, remind me how many minutes are in an hour? Great, we will fill that in inside the center of this whole clock. Next let’s look at the half hour section. How many minutes should I put in the center of this clock?

I used paper plates so that students could trace their full clocks. We then talked about labeling the 12, 3, 6 and 9 to make sure our quarter hours were equally spaced. Students then labeled their minutes. 

Students will return to their seats and create visual examples of parts of a clock (MP4) to reinforce the half hour, quarter hour and whole hour. My students are stronger at identifying time, to the minute, but struggle to tell time in quarter and half hours (MP5).


5 minutes

Tomorrow we will be working on elapsed time, or figuring out how much time has passed, and it will be helpful for us to think about time in chucks - and think of the clock the way we created it today.

Day 2 of this lesson will include using our clocks in order to solve elapsed time problems. We will review the parts of the clock and how many minutes are within each before beginning the activity. Students will be able to use their visual aides while solving in order to help reinforce these increments of time.