Teach Me About Multiplication

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SWBAT define and explain what it means to multiply.

Big Idea

When we teach others we build a deeper understanding.


5 minutes

We have done a lot of work on understanding multiplication and what it means to create equal groups. Today we are going to create presentations and posters explaining what we know about multiplication and show examples (mp4). I always understand things much better when I explain them or teach them to you, so today you will get a turn to teach all of us what you know by becoming our teachers!

I think it is critical to spend time developing a conceptual understanding of multiplication in the beginning. As students see models, create models and can explain their thinking, they better understand what it really means to multiply (creating equal groups). With this activity students are now showing us through examples, definitions and models what kind of understanding they have constructed about multiplication. If we had simple memorized multiplication facts, they would have missed all of that understanding.


30 minutes

As a group you will need to design a rough draft for your poster. The only things I will require is that you have a definition and an example. Other than that, it is up to your group how you want to present the information and teach the rest of us about what it means to multiply (MP2 - Reason abstractly and quantitatively). We will present at the end of our time today, so make sure you stay focused and on task.


15 minutes

I can’t wait to learn from all of you today! Remember to project your voice, and when you finish your presentation we will ask questions about your poster, so be prepared to defend your choices!