Teach Me About Time

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SWBAT define and explain what it means to tell time.

Big Idea

Using personal context to learn an abstract concept, like time, gives learners access. When we teach others we build a deeper understanding.


10 minutes

We have done a lot of work on understanding time and what it means to tell time. Today we are going to create presentations and posters explaining what we know about clocks and time.

I always understand things much better when I explain them or teach them to you, so today you will get a turn to teach all of us what you know!

My goal is to have students show what they know by using the academic vocabulary for time and then showing how they understand and interpret time using various pictures, numbers and words. Making thinking visible is a practice I use very regularly in my classroom because it allows students to express their understanding in various ways and it appeals to students of all learning styles. 


35 minutes

As a group you will need to design a rough draft for your poster. The only requirements is that you have a definition and an example.

Other than that, it is up to your group how you want to present the information and teach the rest of us about what it means to add. We will present at the end of our time today, so make sure you stay focus and on task.

This activity is intentionally open ended. Students are familiar with assignments that require them to make their thinking visible (MP2) and we model examples of this daily (MP4). I model a few examples for students about how to use my pictures, numbers and words in order to explain a concept so that they have a reminder of the expectation.

There are some students who struggle and require additional support for open ended assignments such as this. I have my students in mixed ability groups at their tables permanently, so that students who need more direction are grouped with students who are able to provide peer assistance. I want students to understand that I'm not the only one in the classroom who has answers, and for students to feel confident in their ability to help one another (MP6). 

There are various articles and texts available online if you're interested for 'Making your Thinking Visible in the Math Classroom'


15 minutes

I can’t wait to learn from all of you today! Remember to project your voice, and when you finish your presentation we will ask questions about your poster, so be prepared to defend your choices!