To Live Final Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to analyze theme, characters and rhetorical purpose by successfully completing a final assessment over To Live. SWBAT demonstrate their ability to conduct short research by working on their final projects.

Big Idea

We are done reading our last novel of the it is time to see how much students comprehended!

To Live Final Assessment/SSR

30 minutes

We will start class today with a multiple choice style quiz over To Live and the various regions of world we've been studying for history.

This quiz is mainly intended to assess my students' comprehension of the book as a whole, but, as mentioned yesterday, many of the questions about the text are meant to stimulate analytical thinking about theme (RL.9-10.2) and character development (RL.9-10.3). In addition, though this is a work of fiction, a few of the questions also ask students to consider how this book is a piece of social commentary and offer an analysis of what the author's purpose and strategy are in presenting his commentary on modern Chinese culture (RI.9-10.6 and RL.9-10.6).

When students are finished, I will ask them to read so that we can maintain a quiet assessment environment for their peers. 

Final Project Work Time

75 minutes

The remainder of my half of the block and all of the social studies period will be devoted to research and work time for their final projects (W.9-10.7). We will move to the library so there is more space and access to computers. 

Students are in a variety of places in regards to what they need to complete for their final projects, so I will allow them to work on any of the following tasks:

  • Research on their country
  • Collaborative work on synthesis of group research, written work and/or thinking
  • Printing, cutting, pasting, coloring, etc. on final product

I will use this time to check in with students who are currently failing my class and working on a plan for how to help them improve their grades before the end of the semester next week. Any remaining time, I will use to wander and check in on student progress and thinking. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

5 minutes

We will use the last few minutes of the second block to clean up the library work space and to review all the due dates for next week's three part final assessment. I will remind students that I am available via email if they have any questions over the weekend.