Benchmark Assessment

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SWABT reflect on their progress over time.

Big Idea

Students take 4 benchmark tests each year. They complete a pre and post test for each benchmark. Students own their progress and performance through reflections.


10 minutes

Throughout the year, students are given district wide benchmark assessments.  These assessments are designed by the textbook program that we use.  The students take the assessments online, they are automatically scored so students see the results immediately.  

The state of Massachusetts is introducing DDMs (district determined measures) that will be used as part of the teacher evaluation system.  These DDMs measure student growth over time.  To help students develop the sense of ownership in their own growth progress, and to collect data that our team of teachers can use to help develop DDMs, I have started assigning students pretests for each benchmark.  

This is the 3rd benchmark assessment of the year.  Students are now more familiar with the "growth model" that we are using at this time.  They become aware of the progress they make in a short amount of time.  To help students develop this awareness, I have developed a simple reflection form.  

Students complete the top of the reflection before beginning the BenchmarkPostTest, then the bottom half when the test is done.