Review Parametric and Polar equations

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SWBAT graph, and rewrite equations among parametric, polar and rectangular forms.

Big Idea

Through a game students will review how rectangular, parametric and polar equations are related.

Bell Work

5 minutes

I begin class by asking my students to identify the key formulas and processes needed to convert equations and points between polar and rectangular form. 

In my class I have found that some students will like to have rules physically written down while others realize that the rules are developed from working with points on the coordinate plane. I think students who understand this connection have a much easier time with this unit than those who only memorize the formulas.

The class discusses the formulas and key ideas needed, and then we move to review for the unit test.

Review Activity

35 minutes

For this review activity, I use a Smart notebook file that students enjoy. I use a kooshball or another soft object for this activity. The first page of the notebook is displayed. A student tosses the kooshball at a circle on the page. Each circle is linked to a review problem. A problem is displayed and the students work on a white board to find the answer.  After 2-3 minutes I randomly call on a student to share the answer and any work.

Students keep track of their score (they like to compete to see who wins). Once a question is completed, I toss the Kooshball to another student to pick a problem.

At the end of the review I usually give students a small treat.  Even though these students are Juniors and Seniors, I still find that they appreciate candy like Dum-Dums or Smarties :)